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The 6th China International Rescue & Salvage Conference & Exhibition
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China International Rescue & Salvage Conference (CIRSC),organised by China Rescue & Salvage (CRS) and China Rescue & Salvage Association (CRSA), is the most important event in the field of maritime rescue, salvage and commercial diving in China.

Held in different cities in China every year, the Conference provides, by presentations and discussions, a platform for experts, organizations and companies in the rescue and salvage industry to exchange views and ideas, and to learn about the latest development on technologies and operations. It also presents opportunities for companies to show to conference delegates and potential clients their new products and services. Starting from 2004, this conference is in the Fifth year. The last Conference, CIRSC 2008, was attended by some 400 Chinese and foreign delegates in Dalian, China. From 2008 , the Conference held every two years

CIRSC 2010 is scheduled for 9th -11th, Sept. 2010 in Xian, China. It includes two days of presentations, discussions and product show on maritime rescue & salvage, environment protection, commercial diving, underwater operations, ocean engineering, etc., and one day of sightseeing.

As usual, series of seminars, a sea-air joint rescue exercise and the Annual Member Meeting of CRSA will be arranged concurrently. With its extensive influence, the event is becoming an important platform for exchange and cooperation in China.

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